Indoor wide-angle mirror

Indoor wide-angle mirror oval

Compact wide-angle mirror for internal use, manufactured from acryl with black border.
This mirror can be mounted directly onto the wall by the small holes in the black borders.

Ovale mirror for short observationdistance in a.o. reception rooms, sales places, work centers etc.
Round mirror for long observationdistance for a.o .parkhouses, stock halls and productionlines.

Reference Size Max. observation distance
05.60 36 x 26 x 7,5 cm 3 meter
05.62 52 x 32 x 8,5 cm 5 meter
05.65 45 Ø x10 cm 4 meter
05.67 60 Ø x13 cm 6 meter
05.69 80 Ø x18 cm 9 meter

Technical information

Mirror: vacuum coated acryl, with removable protective coating

Excluded : screws