Convex mirror

Round and rectangular convex mirror to be used in e.g. garages, shops, offices, hospitals and workshops
Round convex mirror for internal use
Rectangular convex mirror for internal use

The acrylic mirror has a wide-angel vision, is shock-resistant, lightweight and is for internal use. Mirrors for external use can be found in our overview of observation mirrors.

Through the flexible arm fitting the mirror can be fixed in any direction.

Reference Shape Diameter Max. observation distance
01.01 Round Ø 30 cm 2 meter
01.02 Round Ø 40 cm 3 meter
01.03 Round Ø 50 cm 5 meter
01.04 Round Ø 60 cm 7 meter
01.05 Round Ø 70 cm 9 meter
01.06 Round Ø 80 cm 11 meter
04.20 Rectangular 40 x 60 cm 5 meter
04.21 Rectangular 60 x 80 cm 8 meter

Technical information

Mirror: vacuum coated acryl, with removable protective coating.
Excluded : screws for fitting on the wall or ceiling.
Fixing : flexible arm

These mirrors can be used in shops, offices, storehouses, garages, factories and other places which are difficult to survey.


Flexible arm fitting for internal mirrors

Flexible arm fitting for internal mirrors